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2015/2016 NR 1 - How to deal with upcoming autumn?

Now every day is cold. And it'll be even colder. Because of that many people feel depressed, angry or sad.

I will give you few tips how to survive this tough season of the year. Enjoy :)

411. Wear clothes appropriate for the weather! It's cold outside, be serious-don't freeze and wear what you should put on yourself to feel good!
2. Buy candles & light them up in the evening. The atmosphere in your room will change immediately. *.*
3. Make yourself a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Decorate it and enjoy your hot drink!
4. Read an interesting book. Trust me- cold evenings are much better with a good lecture!
5. Choose a movie and watch it with your family or friends. It's your obligation to take a blanket with you and wrap yourself up with it. :)



2015/2016 NR 2 - Christmas are just around the corner!!!

Because of that we would like to wish You to slow down during this season of giving. Just take time and enjoy the simple things. May this wonderful time of the year touch Your heart in a special way. We wish You much happiness today and throughout the New Year.
And now, the last time in this year we are offering You a quiz!
You can write a story in English about Christmas time and than You have to bring it to Your English teacher. The grade from this text can be their present for You!
REMEMBER! Everyone is a winner! Good luck! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Once upon a time, in the little city near the Santa Claus village, lived a boy. He was just a normal boy. He liked to play with his friends, drink cocoa, eat Christmas treats... and sometimes he was very naughty! Little boy’s name was Tom Snowy.
It was 24th December. Tom was waiting for Santa Claus. He knew he was real & he really wanted to finally meet him. Instead of going to bed as his mom told him to, he was just sitting near the Christmas tree- looking on the chimney. Cookies and milk were also waiting for Santa.
Suddenly it got really late & Tom started to worry.
‘What’s with Santa?’ he thought.
41Little boy looked outside the window. On the horizon he saw Santa’s sleigh but… Santa Claus wasn’t in them!
Tom jumped out of the house and run to sledges. Suddenly he saw red clothes and white beard in the snow. He went toward the snow as he reached his aim. He pulled the white beard and Santa popped out of the snow!
‘Thank you little boy. What’s your name?’
“I’m Tom Snowy’ the boy anwered.
‘Oh, of course your Tom! Aren’t you that naughty boy that doesn’t listen to his mother…?’
‘In fact… I am’ the Snowy said. He was all read!
‘You know what, I didn’t intend to give you the present but… if you’ll run now straight
to your house and if you say sorry to your mother… I can consider changing my mind’ mumbled old man.
‘Thanks Santa!’ screamed Tom. He hugged him and- as he told him to- he run straight into his house, woke up his mother, told her about meeting Santa Claus and asked her to forgive him.
The next day Tom saw under the Christmas tree big, fantastic present. And since then he never argued with his mom & Santa brought him presents every year.


2015/2016 NR 3 - Bialołęka’s Days

Białołęka’s Days is the biggest festival in our district. This event goes ahead every year in spring since 2007 and usually spends three days. Everything is organized by district’s administration. For these days there are lots of events like cultural, sporting, artistic and more. Lots of people who live in Białołęka or in another Warsaw’s districts come to spend some great time. There are many attractions for kids, teenagers and adults so they are very popular. Bialołęka’s Days becomes an occasion to make our neighbourly relationship better and also spend fantastic moment not only with your family.

Last year this event took place in five different areas. It started with horehound concert in Żerański’s Port on the 19th of June.

41Next day, the festival took place in Picasso’s Park in settlement Tarchomin. Athletic morning, the first picnic, playing games, creating paper lanterns or coronets, trip in historic bus, bonfire, spectacle made by Woskresinnia Theatre were the main attractions. At the same time, there was Kupała’s Night in Magiczna Park. For every habitant, there was made artistic spectacle by students who learn in schools in Białołeka, concerts, games, knights’ fight.

The last day was the 21st of June. Festival took place in Henrykowski Park. There were familiar contests, concerts made by children, judo’s show, danceable activities for families, XXL board game, mobile planetarium, fitness. That same festival took also place on Białołęka’s Beach. The reggae concerts, atelier for children and adults were the best attractions.

Bialołęka’s Days 2015 were perfectly done for the habitants. I hope that this year district’s administration will also make lots of attractions in this festival.


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