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We conducted the interview with Mrs Anna Saliszewska our PE teacher in our school.
Let’s read what she answered to our questions about health and diet.
Q: Who you wanted to become when you were at our age?
AS: Since I was a child I have loved sport and physical activity. When I was little I was fascinated by sport thanks to my PE teacher at that time. I was a member of a school sports club. My teacher was an authority for me and then I decided to become a teacher.
Q: What do you think of diets?
AS: I must say that it is difficult to answer this question because I have never tried any diet. Physical activity helps me keep fit. I think that if a diet is necessary it should be adjusted by a dietician in order to be effective and healthy.
Q: What is your favourite dish (fruit/ vegetables)?
AS: My favourite dishes are different salads. I adore fresh vegetables. My favourite is Greek salad with a huge amount of black olives.
Q: How do you actively spend time ?
AS: I don’t have so much free time but if there is I ride a bike and once a week I go to the swimming pool.
Q: What do you recommend teenagers as far as taking care of health and appearance is concerned?
AS: I do recommend different form of physical activity. Doing exercises our organism creates endorphins –the so called hormones of happiness. Thanks to them our mood is better. Each activity has an influence on our body and state of mind. If we accept our body, others also perceive us as healthy and happy.


2012/2013 NR 1 - What will be fashionable this season?

Fashion likes to change. Today you wear pink dresses, but tomorrow you'd like more some black clothes. I'll try to help you with this choice.
This autumn I recommend some pastel colors, black, navy blue and something between pink and purple.
Select your style!
Leather jackets - in last season it was very popular outer clothing. Black skin matches to heavy shoes and handbag in the same color.
Long coats - it's suitable to jeans and trousers in light blue, green or yellow. What's interesting fashionable will be wraps-up in strong blue.
Chic goth - the name of this style comes from XIX age. In those days were popular clothes in dark colors. Ladies were wearing long dresses with laces and expensive jewelry. It was shown in architecture too; there were built many beautiful, but a little gloomy cathedrals. Today people come back to this fashion. Sometimes we can see some women dressed like that. In my opinion it looks cool.
Military style - this style resists on method of dressing for soldiers. The main colour of this is so-called "putrid green". Militias (baggy, green trousers) is the best idea. To this tight t-shirt and moro-shirt. It looks great with bandana on head. Shoes have to be heavy, I prefer boots (glans), but you can also chose something lighter.
Sweaters - it's getting cold, so wearing it isn't a bad idea. In this season fashionable will be to big sweaters. I know it seems silly, but I think it looks nice.
It's doesn't matter which style do you choose, you will looks great. In my opinion, the most important is being yourself. You'll feel well in clothes, that fits to your character.
Have good fun with fashion and your own style!☺


2012/2013 NR 1 - Today’s Music Reviews

"Dark Roots of Earth"
Genre: Thrash Metal
The 10th studio album by American band Testament. Released on July, 2012.
It's the one of the best thrash metal albums, I have ever heard. If you like classic thrash sounds, I'm sure you'd like "Rise up" or "Native Blood". The one of my favourite is "Cold Embrance". Testament's ballads reminds me Metallica's ballads. It's great, because I'm in love with Metallica. :)
In general, "Dark Roots of Earth" is incredible, but I couldn't say it's better than Metallica's "Master of Puppets", which is total masterpiece.
Points: 10/10

Genre: Hard Rock/ Alternative Metal
The 3rd studio album by singer Serj Tankian. Released on July, 2012.
I bought that CD next day after the premiere, so I knew that every heard song will be a big surprise for me. Oh, maybe except "Figure It Out" and "Cornucopia", which were released on singles preparing to upcoming album. Finally I wasn't disappointed. The surprise was enjoyable. The vocalist of System of a Down even alone can do miracles. All of the songs are unique and memorable. I recommend this album to every fans of Serj and SOAD.
Points: 8/10


2012/2013 NR 2 - MY DAY

My name is Kamil Świderski. I’m 14 years old. I go to a sports class 2A In Gimnazjum 164 in Warsaw. I would like to present my day and my hobby. In the morning I get up and I run to school. I play for White Eagles. In school I have football training. During the training we warm up and shoot goals. At the end we play a match. Later, we have lessons. In the evening we play league match.
For me my coach is very important person. My idol is Lionel Messi because I love his style of playing.



My name is Kacper Pękała. I go to a sports class. I play for White Eagles and I’m a midfielder. I’ve got training every day. I train very hard in order to be like Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only I train but also I study for my lessons. My classmatesand we play in the best league in Warsaw at my age. Every week we play with very good teams. Before a match we warm up. We pass the ballot each other and we run very fast. My team presents very good style of playing. I do recommend football.



2012/2013 NR 2 - Polish cuisine - Let’s cook and enjoy your meal!

3 medium beets
a bunch of carrots (see vegetable broth)
after 3 bay leaves, allspice seeds and pepper
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon dried marjoram
2 tablespoons lemon juice
salt and pepper
a bottle of wine
Wash vegetables for soup and peel. Throw into the pot along with the bay leaves, herb seeds and peppercorns and garlic cloves and marjoram. Add peeled and cut in half, sugar and cook over low heat, covered, about 2 hours. Season to taste with salt and pepper and lemon juice, or add 1 tablespoon of dried spices, chopped vegetables and half of a bottle of wine. Boil for a moment. Remove from heat, cool slightly and add the grated raw beetroot on a grater to obtain a deep red color. Reheat before serving, but do not boil. Pour through a sieve. Serve in deep plates of ravioli.


2012/2013 NR 2 - Culture Encounter - Pakistan

On Tuesday, 23 October we hosted in our school Aftab Khan from Pakistan with his Polish wife. They were making lessons in 3 classes: 2c, 1b and 1d. At the begining we saw a short film about Pakistan- their monuments, culture, music, sport, cuisine and art & craft. We also learned how to write our names in Arabic. For example: Karolina goes كارولينا. The lessons were very engaging, we heard some interesting facts about that country. After the meeting I asked Aftab some questions.
Karolina: Could you introduce yourself?
Aftab: My name is Aftab Khan.
K: What are you doing here, in Poland?
A: I started the business, my own company.
K: Why did you leave Pakistan?
A: The company where I worked moved to Dubai and then I moved to Poland and started here my business.
K: What do you do in your free time?
A: I play cricket in Warsaw Cricket Club.We are pretty successful, as we won the first place in Eastern League.
K: How do you like Poland, Polish cuisine and Polish people?
A: In my opinion Poland is a very beautiful country. I love it for local weather, snow and grass, because in Pakistan we have high temperature. I also like apples and Polish cakes- they are so tasty. And people... I like your nation, I think Poles are very friendly and tolerant.
K: Nice to hear it. Thank you for the interview!




6. November Marcus
On the sixth of November, a man came into our classroom. He introduced himself to us. His name was Marcus. He told us that he always wanted to be a music maker and he was travelling through the whole Europe, searching for inspiration and that is how he got to Poland. We asked him a lot of questions about his country, USA and its traditions. After that he told us a story about his journey. He was from New Mexico, so the first European country that he came to was Spain. Later, he moved to Vienna, Austria and finally he got to Poland. He played us few of his songs. Afterwards, he asked us to write a short essay about our dreams and hopes.



On 13 November we hosted in our school Tonia from Greece. She works as a volunteer in Schuman Foundation and she arrived to Poland a month ago. Students from classes 1b and 2c saw a presentation about her country and then answered a quiz she made for us. After that we had a discussion with Tonia about Greece. We learned some Greek verbs while we were making a Polish-Greek dictionary. For example "Kalimera" means "Good morning". We also talked about Greece cuisine and compared it with the Polish one. We learned that feta is the most popular cheese in Greece.
The meeting was very interesting and motivating to come and see that country.


Diann Francis came to our class 20th November 2012. She was from Jamaica. She came to Poland and she is an English teacher in a Polish school. Jamaica is the small island on the Atlantic. There everybody knows. They have beaches and mountains. She told us about Jamaica’s education. For example girls must learn how to cook and sew at schools. We also learnt that smoking is permitted from 20 years old. They got English and American TV. The meeting was very informative and interesting.



Anniversary - rocznica
Classmate - kolega z klasy
Do the housework - wykonywać prace domowe
Independent – niezależny

See you in 2013!

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