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2017/2018 NR 1 - Interview

We are all teens and all of us have better or worse problems with our complexion. There is nothing strange or wrong about that, but we somehow have to survive that difficult time. I strongly discourage you to follow your own inventions how to fight acne. That is why I asked a professional beautician with 20+ years of experience for advise on how to look after your complexion.

- What are the simplest solutions to problems with teenage complexion?

Katarzyna Nagłowska: The most important thing is to recognize the root cause of the problem. Sometimes, teenagers have problems with naturally oily skin and pimples, but it may become more serious when it is about the acne.

- Are acne and pimples not the same?

KN: In fact, they are not. The typical skin problems usually can be tackled using good moisturizing cosmetics. I recommend periodic facial cleaning in a beauty salon and professional treatments. Such services are not expensive at present and they definitely can help. Among our clients there have been girls aged 11 and 12 years.

- What about acne?

KN: It's a difficult and complex topic. An illness can be the root cause of acne. Therefore, we always advise you to consult a dermatologist. Once the proper treatment is in place, a beautician will be able to help better and to make the transition through that difficult period more comfortable.

- There are many tips in the Internet. Is it a good source to base on?

KN: You can read them, but you would better not do anything by yourself! Remember, this is your face! You have it for your whole life. Better ask your parents to take you to have a professional consultation.

- Do the boys also seek for such advice?

KN: Of course. There is nothing strange about it. More and more boys and men come to us with their problems. “Dr. Google” does not know everything and often can harm you.

- Thank you

Zuzanna Dziedzic (2d)

2017/2018 NR 1 - My holiday in Croatia

So the holiday is over... I hope everyone have taken a rest and returned to school with renewed energy. Probably, all of you travelled somewhere and enjoyed some amazing moments. I would like to tell you about my camp in Croatia which I still recall very well.

31The camp took place in July in a pleasant town Crikvenica. We had a hotel right by the sea so the views were even more beautiful than it was typical to Croatia. We also had a few trips. The first took us to the Plitvice Lakes. I have no words to describe those views! We passed between the rocks with flowing waterfalls . We could see them closely thanks to a boat trip. You just need to be there to find out that it really is so beautiful.

The target of the second tour was Slovenia. We went to the Post Cave. It was very cold inside, around 8°C. The cave has 20 km of underground halls and corridors. We travelled the first 4 km in an electric train. We felt a little bit scared because there were big icicles everywhere above us. In general, the cave made an amazing impression on me and I would recommend everyone to go there.

During another trip we visited two Croatian cities. First, was Pula. We had opportunity to see a famous building very similar to the Coliseum in Rome and the Temples of Roma and Augustus. Then we went to try the famous honey, for example of raspberry or lavender taste. When you are in Pula, you have to go there. The second city was Rovinj. It was a charming little town reminiscent of Italy. There we saw St. Euphemia church.

I know that many Polish people come to Croatia, and I think it is not without a reason. Not only because there are beautiful views, but also there are many places to visit. In Croatia you can’t get bored! So if you haven’t been yet to Croatia then maybe it’s worth to go there on your next holiday?

Ola Zatyka (2d)