2017/2018 NR 5 - Greece

Fortunately, the end of school year is slowly approaching. For sure, each of us is tired and dreams about going somewhere and resting. One of the best places to relax is Greece.

First, I will give you some information about culture, traditions and people who live in Greece. Greece is the country where siesta applies, that is, shops and offices are open at odd hours. Everything works from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and then from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (offices, stores – up to 8 p.m.). The pubs are open late at night, in the morning even from 6 or 7 a.m. you can drink coffee somewhere. Anyway, in Greece everyone drinks coffee. Greeks are loud and in their own way “perky” (i.e. they do not apologize, they push and do not pay attention to anyone), for example, old women, especially on buses, often fight for a seat. It is not worth trying to be nice on the bus and give way to older people, because they would rather put a child there than sit down. Also, men do not let women through the door. They do not pick up the things that were dropped on the floor and do not help them carry heavy things, because they can be accused of a theft.

Of course, I must mention some interesting tourist destinations in Greece. If I were to include the most interesting, a long list would be created. However, there is a place that I think is the most beautiful. It is Santorini, a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, which forms an archipelago with a few smaller islands belonging to Greece. The island is located 175 km southeast of the Greek coast and 110 km north of the coast of Crete. Its amazing charm is made up of lofty, ragged and colorful cliffs, which villages with white buildings are attached to. It creates an amazing landscape: raw, with magnificent views of the beaches with black, volcanic sand (somewhere even red), contrasting with wonderful blue sea.

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At last I want to give you a few, I hope unknown, curiosities about Greece.

1. Thousands of English words come from Greek.

2. Greek is one of the oldest languages in Europe.

3. It is no secret that the figure of a Santa Claus in red clothing with a bag of presents over his shoulder is a product of contemporary pop culture. A real Santa Claus comes from Greece. He was the bishop of Mira, an ancient city located on the territory of contemporary Turkey. Before he became a saint, Bishop Nicholas became famous for helping the poor and the needy. Because of his generosity the legend of Santa Claus generously giving presents was born and is now known around the world.

4. In Greece there is an unwritten ban on throwing toilet paper into the toilet bowl. On the walls of all public toilets, there are plates asking users to throw toilet paper only to the bin standing next to the toilet. The Greeks also do the same in their own homes.

5. If you want to have a beautiful weather during the holidays, you should go to Greece. The estimated number of days full of sunshine in Homer's country is around 250 a year. Thanks to such statistics, Greece is the sunniest country in Europe and one of the sunniest in the world.

I hope that I convinced you to visit this place. If you do not have vacation plans yet and you want to relax before the new school year start, Greece is a perfect place.

Ola Zatyka (2d)

2017/2018 NR 5 - Interview with Patrick (Booking.com)

Long-awaited long weekends as well as holidays are approaching slowly. On this occasion, many people choose sunbathing on the beaches or visiting historical cities. That's why I decided to conduct an interview with Patrick, who is a representative of Booking.com, a platform which connects the owners of hotels, guesthouses and apartments with tourists from around the world.

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What places do clients choose for short trips, such as a long weekend?

P. Our clients most often choose local destinations or short stays in the most popular cities in Europe, such as Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, London or Paris.

What places do you recommend for families and which directions are better to avoid?

P. Each direction is safe, but we always recommend visiting the webpages of the embassy’s of a given country or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ to get more information about a specific place.

Which places are cheap in this period?

P. This question is difficult to answer because everyone treats this concept differently. On our site there are facilities in various standards and a very wide price range, that's why everyone will find something for themselves.

What are the most popular travel destinations among you customers for the upcoming holidays?

P. Among our Polish users, the most popular destinations are: Spain, Italy, the Canary Islands, Croatia and Turkey.

According to you, is it more profitable to book trips beforehand or wait for last minute offers?

P. Last minute offers and reservations in advance have their pros and cons. It is impossible to answer unambiguously. Closer to the check-in date, the hotel may either offer a great bargains or increase the sale prices. So many men, so many opinions.

Thank you for providing information. Dear readers, have a nice rest during the long weekend.

Zuzanna Dziedzic (2d)

2017/2018 NR 4 - Interview

Spring is coming so it’s time to go outside and take care of your condition. One of the most popular sports is running. It's fashionable, cheap and undemanding. For today I prepared an interview with Michał Duck, who went to the gym, but recently he started running. It became a new way of life for him. He will show us what it really is.

31The weather encourages people to practice a new sport. Can we start training to get the body used to the effort, eg. at home, even if there are still typical winter days?

M.D. There is never an appropriate time to start. You just have to start, no matter when. The beginning is always the most difficult. I encourage you to use sports facilities, such as a gym where you can run on a treadmill. I have been running on the treadmill for a month because I was afraid that I could get sick while running outside in the winter.

How should we plan our first workouts? What’s the best distance, the length of the training, the time of the day? Is it true that two minutes of fast marching alternate with a two-minute free run is recommended?

M.D. Everything depends on your condition, you need to get to know your body and start from shorter distances. When I started my adventure with running, after 400 m I had no strength. Now, depending on my mood, I run from 5 km to 10 km. I just moved off my couch and started running. The most important things are intentions and motivation.

Do you need specialist sports clothes from the beginning? Maybe for beginners, a comfortable tracksuit, t-shirt, and a warm sweatshirt are enough?

M.D. It is important that the shirt is not cotton, because it stops the sweat. It's nice if it's a T-shirt, made of a special fabric that provides good ventilation and lets moisture outside, as well as sports shorts. In the spring, autumn and winter, under the T-shirt, you must wear thermal clothing that retains heat.

What about shoes? I read that special shoes for running are recommended at once. They are not cheap, but it is probably worth investing to avoid injury or overloading of the joints?

M.D. Special shoes prevent damaging your knees and other joints - but at the beginning shoes such as sneakers that cost around 100 PLN will be all right.

It is known that everyone has a worse moment sometimes, but it is important not to give up. What motivates you to train regularly? Do you run alone? Does anyone help you?

M.D. It is sometimes hard to get motivated, so it's great to run with friends, because they encourage you. I have been running alone lately and I must admit that it is hard. But for an adult guy, extra kilos that appeared out of nowhere unexpectedly are additional motivation. :-)

Parkrun runs are short runs (about 5 km long) organized by big cities and anyone, even whole families with children, can take part in them. Do you think they are a good idea? I think that finishing a short run even in the last place can be very motivating for a person who is just starting.

M.D. Nice idea, I have started in several races and I have always been happy after the finish. There is also some stress which motivates you to get better results.

Do you use any special diet for runners?

M.D. No, I maintain a balanced diet, and a few days before the "parker" I try to eat healthier, light meals that do not make me feel heavy while running.

Do you have any important successes you can share with us?

M.D. Only my own personal best, which I try to improve. In mass runs there are always amateurs and real professionals. I am one of the amateurs, because I have been running for a year after a 30-year break.

Is a marathon your goal?

M.D. No, maybe one day I'm going to get into the half-marathon, for now it's enough for me to run up to 10 km - and they are really heavy, too. :-)

Thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge. Please, keep your fingers crossed for those who decide to get off the couch and start their running adventure this spring.

Zuzanna Dziedzic (2d)

2017/2018 NR 4 - Lisbon

Recently, I have thought that a long weekend in May is coming, so I decided to look for a place where I can go to. While I was surfing the Net, I found a photo that immediately charmed me. There was a beautiful street in it. I said, "Oh my God, I have to go there!". I’m talking about Lisbon, the capital and the biggest city of Portugal. Maybe you don’t have any plans yet, so it is the perfect solution to go there. But before we go, we should know something about it.

When we go on a trip to another country we must know some basic information. In Lisbon lives 10,8 mln people and they speak Portuguese. Euro (€) is the currency there and directional telephone number is +351. But what about people and culture in Lisbon? Everywhere people are different. It depends on the age of people. In Lisbon, elderly people like sitting on a bench and gossiping with friends. But, regardless of age there is a thing that is the same. Of course, mobile phones.

Everyone likes them, not only people in Lisbon. When you go to Lisbon you must remember one thing: if you want to take a photo of someone who lives there, you must ask for consent. They can be nervous! Thinking about Portuguese culture, fado comes to mind. There are places in Lisbon where it’s possible to listen to it, especially at night.

When we travel, we need to know the best places to visit.

The first building I think you should visit is Pena Palace in Sintra. It is considered to be the most beautiful building of this type in Europe. This is certainly the effect of its amazing colours, as well as the location, because the palace dominates the area.

The next place where we should go is cape Cabo da Roca. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in the Sintra-Cascais National Park. It is the westernmost point of Europe's mainland.

The last place I will talk about will be the district Chiado. It is famous for shopping, trendy restaurants, cafes and bars, but it is also a very interesting district in terms of sightseeing. One of the famous building in this district is Church of The Holiest Sacrament.

Finally, I will give you some fun facts about Lisbon.

1. A typical, characteristic Lisbon tram is an American tram.

2. In the café Martinho da Arcada, there is a table permanently reserved for the dead poet Fernando Pessoa.

3. Lisbon is the place where the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and one of the largest oceanaria in the world is located. It was opened because of EXPO ’98.

4. There are seven hills in the city: Castelo, São Vicente, São Roque, Santo André, Santa Catarina, Chagas and Sant 'Ana.

5. Vasco da Gama Bridge, which spans the banks of the Tagus River near Lisbon, is the longest bridge in Europe

I hope attached photos will encourage you to spend a few days in Lisbon. There are many attractions, buildings and beautiful views so you can’t be bored there.

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Ola Zatyka (2d)

2017/2018 NR 3 - Interview: Wojciech Pomski

For today I prepared an interview with a skiing instructor, Mr. Wojciech Pomski, who mentioned the most important rules of getting ready for the season.

- Let’s start from the beginning. For those less familiar with this sport, how should you prepare before entering the slope?

WP- Everyone should remember about exercises that strengthen muscles and improve physical condition. Without them, the ride will be unpleasant and even painful, which can lead to an injury. We cannot start exercises a week before the departure, but at least one or two months. That is why it is worth going to the fitness club in advance.

- What exercises should be done?

WP- Most often trainers recommend strengthening training, balance and stretching. Squats, lunges and scissors are recommended for strengthening the muscles. It's worth going running, cycling or swimming to improve your fitness. Balance improves when you do squats on one leg.

- When we are prepared physically, what equipment should we choose?

31WP - First of all, basic equipment includes a helmet, poles and, of course, skis. You can buy your own skis or just hire them, which reduces costs. It is best to have your own helmet and poles. Skis need to be lubricated, have sharpened edges, have proper balancing and well-set bindings. You can lubricate the skis yourself, but it is better to ask a specialist to do that. It is worth informing where we are going and what weather conditions will be there. Experts will use the right lubricant, sharpen the tips at the right angle. Thanks to this, we will stick to the ground better.

- In addition to the equipment, what clothing should we buy?

WP- Thermoactive underwear, good quality sweatshirt, jacket and ski pants are essential. It is necessary to obtain gloves and goggles. Under the helmet you cannot wear a cap, because it reduces safety. When it's really cold, put on a specialist, sport balaclava.

- Should we take any protective cosmetics with us?

WP- Yes. These are, for example, warming ointments, massage oils and creams with a UV filter, especially when there is a blazing sunshine. They are not always useful, but just in case you should have them with you.

- Thank you for answering my questions. I think that this information will be helpful to our readers and this holidays will be successful and safe. I wish you a lot of fun!

Zuzanna Dziedzic (2d)

2017/2018 NR 3 - The city of Dubai

It is possible for some of you to plan to leave for Easter or even for a May long weekend. Recently, many people have been going to Dubai. Maybe because there you can see amazing buildings, local attractions and other people with different traditions than Polish people. I think this city is interesting and perfect for tourists.

32Firstly, I think the buildings in Dubai make an impression and you must see some of them. The first building is Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world – it is 828 meters tall. The overall look and plan of the tower refers to the desert flower and Islamic architecture. Unfortunately, the photo will not give this amazing view, you have to see it live!

Next building is Emirates Office Tower. It was on the 32nd position in the ranking of the tallest buildings in the world. It is a 54-floor office building connected by a shopping boulevard to the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Concrete and glass were mainly used for the construction.

The last building is Rose Rotana Suites. It interests me because of its shape and appearance. It immediately catches the eye and you cannot pass by indifferently. It is the 41st one in the ranking of the tallest buildings in the world.

I found one attraction that I think will appeal to everyone, whether adult or child. This is Wild Wadi Water Park. There is everything you can dream of: 3 pools, 17 water slides, waterfall, 2 gift shops, 3 restaurants and 2 snack stands.

At last, I want to tell you about people and traditions in Dubai. When you go to Dubai you must remember that it is a Muslim country and Sharia law is used there. Arabic women are not allowed to take pictures without their consent, and the consent of their husband or other man accompanying a woman. Generally, women in Dubai can dress freely and have additional rights. For example, in the offices and at the banks, there is the possibility of using additional windows specifically for women and in public transport they can use special seats.

I think Dubai is for people who would like to know new cultures, meet new people and go sightseeing. The upcoming free days are an ideal opportunity to visit this amazing place :)

Ola Zatyka (2d)

2017/2018 NR 2 - London

In this article I want to describe one of the most popular cities in Europe. Of course, I’m talking about London- the capital of Great Britain and England. London is the city where tourists are very willing to come. Not just to study or find a job there, but because there are so many interesting places and attractions. So now I want to describe some places in London which, I think you should visit.

Tower of London is a popular attraction in London. Its height is 30 meters and the walls it is surrounded by are 3,6 meters thick. It makes a really big impression not only because of its height, but also because you can see White Tower and treasury with jewels there.

I think the most popular attraction in London is Big Ben. This is the name of the clock tower of Elizabeth Tower. The name Big Ben now refers to both the bell and clock and the tower itself. In August 2017, the repair of the bell began, and it will last for 4 years. Because of this, the building does not make such a big impression, but everyone hopes that after the renovation it will look better than before.

Next attraction is the most popular bridge in London- Tower Bridge. It is one of the most visited London landmarks right after Big Ben. A characteristic feature of the bridge are the two main towers, linked by two pedestrian bridges. On the 25th anniversary of the crowning of Elisabeth II it was repainted in three colors: blue white and red. I think that the bridge looks better and attracts more tourists.

The fourth attraction in London is Buckingham Palace. Is a place of state celebrations and official meetings of heads of state. For the British the palace is one of the symbols of Great Britain. A part of the palace is accessible to tourists, so you can see what is hidden in this amazing place.

If you want to have some fun you can go to London Eye. This amazing wheel is 135 meters high and its full rotation takes about 30 minutes. This is incredible that it allows passengers to get in and out without stopping!

I think in London you can’t be bored and everyone will find the right attraction for themselves. Maybe you should devote some time during the next long weekend, winter holidays, may days or even holidays and spend it with your family or friends having fun in London. :)

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Ola Zatyka (2d)

2017/2018 NR 2 - Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. Because of that we all usually fall into the craze of shopping. Ania Lasota, cosmetic advisor at Rossmann drugstore, will advise those of you who do not have an idea for this year's gifts and would like to help Santa Claus.

Have you started a typical Christmas shopping experience?

Ania Lasota: In fact, we noticed that there is an increasing interest in buying holiday gifts. Therefore, the range of cosmetics, Christmas decorations and small gifts appeared in our assortment.

What are the most popular trends this year?

Ania Lasota: Perfume – as usual. Cosmetic companies have taken care to introduce new fragrance lines - for mature clients, of course, with a hint of musk, and fragrant floral fragrances for young ladies.

And what to choose when we do not know the taste of the person we want to give the gift to?

Ania Lasota: If not perfume, then there are many other suggestions. These can be shower gels and bath salts, scented candles, Christmas decorations. Of course, we also recommend colorful cosmetics. We have many make-up sets, nail polish, sensual body lotions.

And how about a gift for a man?

Ania Lasota: Shaving, modern, traditional or electric razors, shaving fluids, and cologne. Good anti-wrinkle creams for men are getting increasingly popular.

When do you expect the biggest crowd of shoppers?

Ania Lasota: We have already got more customers than usual, but we expect the biggest madness right before Christmas. That is why I recommend early shopping so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of holidays without nerves and unnecessary stress. There is nothing worse than chaotic shopping when you have no idea what to buy.

Thank you very much for the talk and advice. I wish you the wonderful Christmas atmosphere, although the weather is still typical for autumn.

Zuzanna Dziedzic (2d)

2017/2018 NR 1 - Interview

We are all teens and all of us have better or worse problems with our complexion. There is nothing strange or wrong about that, but we somehow have to survive that difficult time. I strongly discourage you to follow your own inventions how to fight acne. That is why I asked a professional beautician with 20+ years of experience for advise on how to look after your complexion.

- What are the simplest solutions to problems with teenage complexion?

Katarzyna Nagłowska: The most important thing is to recognize the root cause of the problem. Sometimes, teenagers have problems with naturally oily skin and pimples, but it may become more serious when it is about the acne.

- Are acne and pimples not the same?

KN: In fact, they are not. The typical skin problems usually can be tackled using good moisturizing cosmetics. I recommend periodic facial cleaning in a beauty salon and professional treatments. Such services are not expensive at present and they definitely can help. Among our clients there have been girls aged 11 and 12 years.

- What about acne?

KN: It's a difficult and complex topic. An illness can be the root cause of acne. Therefore, we always advise you to consult a dermatologist. Once the proper treatment is in place, a beautician will be able to help better and to make the transition through that difficult period more comfortable.

- There are many tips in the Internet. Is it a good source to base on?

KN: You can read them, but you would better not do anything by yourself! Remember, this is your face! You have it for your whole life. Better ask your parents to take you to have a professional consultation.

- Do the boys also seek for such advice?

KN: Of course. There is nothing strange about it. More and more boys and men come to us with their problems. “Dr. Google” does not know everything and often can harm you.

- Thank you

Zuzanna Dziedzic (2d)