2012/2013 NR 6 - Short history of origami

Origami is the Japanese art of paperfolding. Origami did not start in Japan. It began in China in the first or second century and then came to Japan during the sixth century.
41At first, there was very little paper available so only the rich could afford to do paper-folding.
As easier papermaking methods were developed, paper became less expensive. Origami became a popular art for everyone, no matter if they were rich or poor.
This form of art became part of the cultural heritage of the Japanese people. In 1797, How to Fold 1000 Cranes was published. This book contained the first written set of origami instructions which told how to fold a crane. The crane was considered a sacred bird in Japan. It was a Japanese custom that if a person folded 1000 cranes, they would have one wish.
Not only were the Japanese folding paper, but the Moors, who were from Africa, brought paperfolding with them to Spain when they invaded that country in the eighth century. The Moors used paperfolding to create geometric figures because their religion prohibited them from creating animal forms.
Akira Yoshizawa is the "father of modern origami" because of his creative paperfolding. He also developed a set of symbols and terms that are used worldwide in the written instructions of origami.

2012/2013 NR 6 - Visitors from abroad

On 12th April 2013 students from Lithuania came to our high school. On this occasion we saw prepared by the guests, and our students' presentations of both countries and schools. Then the members of the brotherhood of school knights organized a performance of mediaeval knights. After visiting our school our guests walked around and sight -saw the most interesting places in Warsaw of culture, art and science.

42 43

The next day we met up around 8:30. At the hostel there was a guide telling us the stories about Warsaw .We saw the National Stadium, Jerozolimskie Avenue, Bank Square, Poniatowski bridge and much more. At 10:30 we arrived at the Old Town. There we saw the Royal Palace, Sigismund's Column, Barbican and St. John. Anne church. Then we had time to buy some souvenirs. At 16:15 we had to say goodbye to our guests.
In my opinion it was worth meeting people from another country and talk ... of course in English. :-).


2012/2013 NR 6 - Spring - Time for bike?

We shouldn’t feel excessive admiration for pro racers who log 600-mile weeks. They have plenty of time to ride and recover—that’s their job. The real heroes are people like you, who find time to ride while still having a life away from the bike.
Here’s where to look for time slots that can accommodate your love for riding:

Riding your bike to school and back may be the best way to create time cycling time.
When you commute by bike, time normally spent sitting in a car is used productively as part of the training day. An eight-mile ride to work or school takes about 30 minutes each way. Even if you do no other riding, that’s still an hour of cycling each weekday. The trip home can be lengthened as much as time, daylight and energy allow.

44 45

Commuting Logistics
• Use a small backpack to carry clothes, lunch and papers. A waist strap helps eliminate swaying and bouncing as you ride.
• Keep a pair of shoes at school so you don’t have their weight and sharp edges in the pack..
• Clean up in the restroom with a lightly soaped washcloth.
• Play on the way home. Scout out a longer route and ride for an hour or more as time and commitments allow. Do intervals, time trials, or hit the hills hard to get a great workout while you’re homeward bound.

2012/2013 NR 5 - Obama wins the elections!

Last presidential elections in the United States, took place on 6th November 2012. They were 57th in turn elections where residents voted for electors who choose the president and vice president of the United States. 41President Barack Obama won again, defeating his republican rival for the White House, Mitt Romney.
Barack Obama, or rather, Barack Hussein Obama II was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the 44th President of the United States, next to George W. Bush. He is also the first African American to hold the office.
Barack Obama's wife and first lady name's Michelle. She is the first black first lady of the United States. Before the marriage, she was named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Michelle and Barack got married on 3rd October, 1992. Michelle Obama works as a lawyer.
Did you know that...?
- Barack Obama's father was an African.
- Barack Obama has three sisters and five brothers.
- When Barack Obama was young, he was called "Barry".
- Obama as a teen was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. He also tried cocaine. Now he thinks that was reckless.


2012/2013 NR 5 - Today’s reviews: Kinomaniak.tv

Many people watch films and series online. In Poland the most popular website where we can watch a film online is KINOMANIAK.TV. Have you ever thought of the advantages and disadvantages of this website? Let’s find out!
The biggest advantage is the fact that it is totally free. You don’t have to buy or pay any membership fee. Also you have a huge variety of films. There are hundreds of thousands videos with Polish dubbing and subtitles. The most important benefit of using Kinomaniak.tv is the possibility of watching films without leaving our house in comparison to a video rental.
On the other hand you have some disadvantages. The website has often technical problems. It works very slow because the server is overload. Sometimes the quality of a film is terrible. You have to be careful with viruses and many advertisements, which can damage your computer. Finally, you have to know that this site is illegal. It often infringes copyrights!
In conclusion the website is a great form of entertainment but you should watch out for viruses. Personally, I think that it is a very useful tool to enjoy a piece of culture.


2012/2013 NR 5 - Egzamin gimnazjalny

Egzamin gimnazjalny odbędzie się 25 kwietnia 2013r. Większość uczniów naszej szkoły będzie pisało egzamin z języka angielskiego. Wyniki będą na pewno brane pod uwagę, gdy będziemy chcieli podjąć dalszą edukację w liceum lub technikum. Warto dobrze się do niego przygotować!
A oto przykład pocztówki dotyczącej udziału w wydarzeniu sportowym.


Hi Mike,
I have just come back from a volleyball match between Poland and Italy. It took place at Torwar Sports centre in Warsaw. The match was really good because Polish and Italian teams are the best in the world. The centre was full of fans. The Polish players won the match 3:2. This sports event was really exciting and lucky for the Polish team. We won the championship of Europe!
In my opinion volleyball is a very good sport for amateurs. It’s a perfect exercise for the whole body and it can help relax. It’s popular among both men and women. I’d like to play volleyball with you and go to the leisure centre twice a week. Would you like to come with me? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


2012/2013 NR 4 - WINTER HOLIDAYS

Winter holiday starts on 28th of January and finishes 10th of February. In this article, we are presenting few of the most popular winter sports in Poland. Just remember to behave safely while doing them!!



Probably the most popular Winter sport In Poland is skiing. We have many places where you can ski. However, if you want to ski here, you need to prepare well. You have to have very warm clothes as it is very cold in the mountains. Also, you need to warm up because if you won’t warm up, you can get injured very badly. Obviously, you need skiing equipment. You need skis, as well as ski poles. In Poland if you are younger than 15 years old, you need to wear a helmet. I hope this encourages you to take up skiing, however you must be very careful, because it can be very dangerous if you are not behaving properly.



Snowboarding is a winter sport, which we ride on snowboard. It consists of sliding down the mountain. Snowboarding is the most popular sport in Poland. Snowboarding is divided into many challenges like slalom, freestyle and snowcross. If we want to start riding snowboard we should have: snowboard and binding and also special snowboard boots. It is very easy to learn. ☺



It’s a kind of Winter sports, where people are moving on ice using the ice skates. We can differentiate few types of this sport: bandy, figure skating, ice hockey, ringette, short track and tour skating. These are the professional types of the sport, of course. Most of people are choosing the amateur skating. We can do it on specially prepared ice. Don’t do it on lakes or rivers!



Luge is one of many winter sports. To do this sport we must have mental and physical power. In Poland we have toboggans only in the mountains. One of the types of luge are natural paths. In this type we descent on a mountain slope. This is one of the most difficult sport in the world to practice.

We hope that you will enjoy yourselves while doing these sports wherever you are. Either in Poland or somewhere else, have a good time!


2012/2013 NR 3 - New Year’s Eve in Poland

Why is it calling Sylwester ?
In Poland a New Year's Eve is called commonly Sylwester.
Saint Sylvester, a bishop of Rome who died in year 335, happened to be a patron of the last day in a year therefore his name is commonly used as a name of this day.

How Poles celebrate New Year’s Eve ?
Poles celebrate this day on December 31. Some people stay at home with families or friends. They drink vine, talk, play games and of course watch TV. At the very midnight the most popular television speakers is taking part in a ceremony of opening the bottle of champagne and wishing each other and all of us a happy New Year.


Other go to parties or special events which take place, for example on Plac Konstytucji in Warsaw or cinemas, theaters, etc. The tradition of celebrating Sylvester outdoors on the main squares of the towns did not really kick out until maybe 10-15 years ago. Now this is definitively the most popular way to spend a New Year's Eve. It also saves the headache and a stress where to go!
For those who do not wish to spend the New Year in the city, the mountains are a popular destination. Zakopane, located in the Carpathian Mountains, is the most popular Polish mountain resort in winter.
It doesn’t matter where they are, they always watch fireworks at midnight.

What are they wearing on this day ?
Regardless of place where they are, they like to look elegantly, even if they stay at home. Women do make-up and wear dresses, skirts or different womanish clothes. Very popular element of New Year’s Eve wearing are sequins and brocades. Men wear suits, shirts and ties, they also try to look elegantly.
For Polish people New Year’s Eve is very important day, cause they believe that it’s a new beginning and chance for better life.


2012/2013 NR 3 - Christmas Gifts

In many countries traditionally we give presents to our family and friends . Usually parents make you gifts, for example something you really want to get. And how many times you give presents to them? Good gifts aren’t cheap. Many teenagers often don’t have enough money or they don’t want to spend it. And sometimes they simply don’t know what they should buy. I have some ideas for you!
Make your own gift! It’s easy and cheap. And I’m sure your parents will be delighted!

First suggestion
If you’re able to sew, you can make a pillow. How? It’s easy! Buy an ordinary pillow (for example in IKEA it costs only 2,50 PLN), large thread (in your parent’s favorite color) and, if you want, some stripes (with heart, bear or something like that). Sew on the pillow some inscription: “I love you”, “The best mum”, or something like that. Sew on stripe and done! It takes you only 3 - 4 hours! You can at the same time watch the film or listen to music!

Second suggestion
If you like cooking make some cake or cookies. You can put into cookie a small piece of paper with a letter. It’s sweet, so you can make it not only for your parents, but to your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend too! You can make also candies or other sweets.

Third suggestion
If you like music, you play musical instrument you can write some song. It doesn’t have to be really special, you can say something about Christmas, love, your family… Use your imagination! If you don’t have any ideas you can also learn a song that your parents like. It will be a really good gift!

It doesn’t matter how big or expensive is your gift. It important that you give it from your heart. I think that this kind of present is really good idea!